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Circular 16: The prison ministry

Dear Friends “Goedemoed – Centre of Excellence” – freely translated “good spirit” the name presents a vision for the big prison some 35 kilometres from Aliwal. Instead of having a Christmas-Story the Gospel of Mark begins with Jesus being baptised, receiving the Spirit. The Spirit that, then, leads Jesus into the desert is not qualified […]

A blessed Pentecost to all of you

  Let me share the thoughts that I circulated to the members of our diocesan senate: A blessed Feast of Pentecost to all of you. As the Spirit hovered over the waters in the beginning and filled creation, as the Spirit came down on Mary in Nazareth to give us the body of Jesus and […]

A blessed and happy Easter to all of you!

  I was offline for about two weeks just now after lightning destroyed my computer, printer, phoneline and affected even the cellular network. I am slowly recovering and trying to catch up. It will take some time. Just a brief update about last week, if you like. We cedlebrated on Wednesday Chrism Mass in Burgersdorp. […]

Pastoral Letter on Challenge for change in the Diocese.

  Aliwal North at Ascension Day for Pentecost, 9 May, 2013 CIRCULAR LETTER ON CONFIDENT AND COURAGEOUS COLLABORATION IN THE DIOCESE Dear Sisters and Brothers Greetings and blessings from your Bishop! Please study this letter thoroughly in your SCC, with your fellow leaders and in the sodalities. Please look for positive solutions and your contributions […]


Pastoral Letter on the Year of Faith

Pastoral Letter to all Catholics of the Diocese of Aliwal on the Year of Faith Dear Friends of Christ, dear Sisters and Brothers, Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, calls us to celebrate a Year of Faith as from11 October 2012and to take care of a renewal in the proclamation of faith, called New Evangelization. […]

Bishop Michael handing over a copy of the SACBC policy on safeguarding our children to Vicar General Joseph Kizito after promulgating it at the senate on 15 August, 2012.

Policy on safeguarding our children

Protecting Children and Young People in the Diocese of Aliwal North. Children and young people have a very important place in our Church and we are always eager to encourage their active participation in parish life. We are committed to doing everything we can to create a safe and welcoming place for our young parishioners, where their welfare is of greatest importance. It is our Diocesan policy to ensure that children and young people will always be safe, protected and supported in all activities associated with the Church. […]

Diocesan Pastoral Letter to the Learners concerned with well-being

Dear Learners! I greet you at the beginning of the new school-term. I greet also your communities, your parents, your teachers and all your peers who do not belong to our Church. The friends of Jesus were called disciples which means actually learners. You are disciples in a very special way. You have the privilege to develop and unfold your talents, the gifts you received from God, in a special way when studying the many different subjects at school. Your teachers have the honourable and wonderful task to lead you in this process and to develop your potential […]

Participating in Traffic as witness to life

Time and again we realise the dangers of the traffic on our roads. We mourn the loss of life and health. Many have lost their relatives: breadwinners, parents or children. Tears, funerals, visits to hospitals and the care for maimed beloved ones are proof of this. We are looking at a matter of life and death. Many of you like to begin prayers by saying: “God, we thank you for the gift of life!” What a wonderful prayer! We are looking at a matter of life and death. […]

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