Presentation of the Diocese of Aliwal

The Diocese of Aliwal is located in South Africa in a rural area in the north of the Eastern Cape, on the Free State border. The Diocese is composed of 14 parishes split all over a vast territory (the 2 furthest parishes are 250km far from each other). It  runs 8 HIV/AIDS hospices or home based care centres. These centres consists of 60 care-givers.
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The objective of the Diocese is to provide space for social, cultural, educational, formational, spiritual, recreational and sport activities to improve the life of and mainly for the benefit of children and youth. It serves also adults, in particular those concerned with the formation and education of children and youth. In this way they will enhance skills and contribute to a long term approach towards poverty alleviation. The Diocese put a big emphasis on Education for Lifein order to address HIV/AIDS related issues. Social outreach often works via Small Christian Communities. In the preparation of the project various workshops were undertaken.
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