Vision statement of the Diocese of Aliwal

“Rooted in Christ we are partners in Faith, Hope and Love.”

Mission Statement of the Diocese of Aliwal

“Guided by our commitment to bring changes, the Diocese of Aliwal exists to create a faith living community, to develop a self-sustainable church through:

  • pastoral care,
  • catechesis,
  • liturgy,
  • proclamation and
  • diacony.


The core work consists of:

  1. Building and sustaining SCCs.
  2. Proper selecting and training of leaders.
  3. Offering alternative experiences with Gospel Values
  4. Enriching the lives of the faithful by well celebrated liturgies.
  5. Adding Christian values to projects and social outreach.
  6. Inspiring the Spiritual Formation of people by offering good catechesis and Biblical Formation.
  7. Providing joyful experiences through recreational events.


  1. Commitment/Zeal
  2. Responsibility
  3. Prayer
  4. Unity
  5. Transparency
  6. Constructive interaction, Respect, Honesty and Loyalty.

Promulgated for the whole Diocese in the presence of the ADPC on 17 March 2012

Senate meeting

The “summer session” of Senate meeting took place between February 27 and March 1st in Mount Carmel.

4th anniversary of Bishop’s Michael ordination

On the 24th of February, a feast was organised for the 4th anniversary of Bishop’s Michael ordination.

Priests and local congregations have participated to the celebration in the cathedral followed by a supper in the hall.