A blessed Pentecost to all of you


Let me share the thoughts that I circulated to the members of our diocesan senate:

A blessed Feast of Pentecost to all of you. As the Spirit hovered over the waters in the beginning and filled creation, as the Spirit came down on Mary in Nazareth to give us the body of Jesus and as the Spirit came down on the Apostles and disciples at Pentecost to give us the Body of Christ which is the Church, so may the Spirit come down on us that we form the body of Christ in our Diocese and make the boldening inspiration an experience for many.

Whatever others try to instigate with calling for political change with the barrel of the gun or now very recently saying the elections must be approached like an army and that one must have ammunition and guns, the inspiration of the Spirit is very different. People of differing cultures and languages listen and speak to one another, are understood and understand and make their causes mutually their own; not seeking power but standing for the common good and shared wealth; not advocating one’s own interest but the interest of all; not hyped inequality and group interest but fundamental equality of all.

What a difference it would be if Xhosa would stand up for Khoisan, Khoisan for Sotho, Sotho for Hlubi, Hlubi for Puthi, Afrikaaners for the Griquas, Coloureds for the English, the Haves for the Havenots, the Residents for the Immigrants … And imagine they would change and extend partnerships and mix always anew and listen, and speak to one another.

These are some “pentecostal splinters” that can truly lead into the response: “You send forth your spirit … and you renew the face of the earth”, as Psalm 104 says.

My pentecostal wish is very minimal and big at the same time: If only we who are supposed to be as Church a sacrament of unity of mankind would manage to develop and cherish further such culture within our small Diocese with its different cultures and languages.

A blessed Pentecost for you and your communities, and may you all be a pentecostal blessing for many

Yours +Michael