AIDS Office

Objectives and Activities


  • To provide holistic home, parish and community care to people with HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).


  • To identify people within the community with leadership qualities in order  to train them to coordinate groups in their own community or parish to provide care and support for people with HIV/AIDS.
  • To train community members to enable them to provide information, care and support to people affected and infected by AIDS in their community.
  • To train primary caregivers of those suffering from AIDS to provide for the needs of the sick family members within their home environment.
  • To train those who wish to be involved in Peer Education and Lay Counseling so as to mobilize and encourage the community to do counseling and testing, this is to encourage people to know their HIV or health status.


  • To provide children in disadvantaged communities with human formation, education and life skills from birth to adulthood.


  • To act as consultants to other organizations and committees
  • To coordinate the efforts of all organizations and committees within the Diocese involved in the care of AIDS patients as well as the care of those children orphaned as a result of AIDS.

Contact: Sr Miriro Jane Javangwe PO Box 27 Aliwal North, 9750 – Tel: 051 6342047
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Graduation for Home Based Care Caregivers received accredited certificates from Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA)

Retreat for 25 caregivers
at Mount Carmel

Visit for Health Counseling & Testing and Peer Education DATA Audit rep. Catholic Health Care Association for Global Fund – Hester Barnier