Financial Contribution to my parish and diocese

Unfortunately “Money does not fall the sky neither grows on the trees” even in a church environment! 

Financial charges are heavy and numerous: everything has a cost. Church dues are an essential act for every baptized. Every baptized person is directly responsible for the life of the Church.

In other words: Giving to your Church is to commit yourself in order to enable its mission to be accomplished.

Why should I give?

Remember that the parishes as well as the diocesan structure can only survive thanks to the money given by its members. The money collected through Sunday collections and Church Dues (Pledge, Umnikelo/Kabelo…) enables to pay:

  • salaries to those working for the Diocese and Parishes: bishop, priests and employees.
  •  fuel and repairs of the priests’ cars…
  •  grocery for priests.
  • repairs of the presbyteries.
  • stationery and papers to make certificates, forms, letters and booklets for the leaders.
  • urgent needs of the parishes or Diocese.
  • training of the leaders.
  • municipal rates and services (e.g. water, electricity, sewerage, refusal…)
  • etc.

How much should I pay?

You can give Umnikelo/Kabelo throughout the year or at once. For pensioners and low revenues it is recommended to give at least R20 monthly which is R240 annually.

Pledge is given by those who are employed. It is recommended to give 2% of your salary per month.

“Debit order forms” are available on request from your parish finance council (PFC) to help you not forget your contribution.