House of Hope


  • To counsel the sick
  • To provide holistic care, socially, spiritually and physically to the terminally ill in their homes.
  • To inform the community about the links that AIDS has with TB.
  • To identify orphans and vulnerable children and care for them and also to seek social relief where applicable.
  • To encourage the HIV infected people to disclose their status to fight stigma and to join the support group.
  • To establish income generating activities with support group members to encourage and empower them to generate income to support their families.
  • To establish vegetable garden to supply the patients and orphan and vulnerable children with fresh vegetables and to sell to the community for income generation.
  • To train Peer Educators and Lay counselor to give HIV prevention education in the schools and community. To encourage people to do Health counseling and testing so as people to know their status for early referrals.


Contact: Aliwal North, Dukathole – Tel: 051 6341824

Support Group sewing (income generating)

Food Garden and inspection from government official

Peer Educators at school for HIV Prevention


OVC Psychosocial – Child Protection e.g. Journey of Life